THE Puppy Experience

Your puppies first grooming experience is an important part of their development. For this reason we recommend booking our puppy experience
to coincide with their second injection. 

The puppy experience is split into bite size stages:

Making friends

Our main priority is to build a relationship with your puppy, we want them to trust us and feel safe in our company. We will have a little play time and lots of cuddles before taken them to the van

Hello van

We will invite you to bring your puppy to the van so we can slowly introduce them to the grooming equipment. Great care is taken to ensure they are comfortable with the new smells and sensations before we move on to the bath

Bath time

Using 100% natural products we will bath and gently rinse them.

Towel and blow dry

Once they are squeaky clean, we will towel dry and gently dry them by hand using slow drying setting in order to keep your puppy calm. This is usually done whilst cuddling them (we usually end up wet!)

Light brush and tidy

The final stage is a fluff up and basic tidy. During our consultation we will discuss the style you are looking for and start working towards this. The basic tidy will include eyes, feet, bum and some excess coat.

Once we have finished we will report back on their experience and make further arrangements with you to keep them regularly groomed.