Fruit Punch Perfume

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Fruit Punch Dog Perfume.jpg

Fruit Punch Perfume


Groom Professional Fruit Punch

This fresh fruity cologne has a beautiful fruity fragrance and can also be used as a conditioning spray for the skin and coat. It has become a famous favourite very quickly with many pet owners coming back for more of this lovely fresh smell. 

  • Use between washes to freshen the coat, mask any odours and add condition.

  • Great finishing touch after washing or grooming.

  • All new Sleek Packaging 

To Use: Just spray one or two squirts on the animals coat from a distance to leave the dog smelling fresh and fruity for days. Or alternatively put a few light sprays on to a brush and brush this through the coat to get the fruity smell throughout.

Helpful Tip: This spray can also be kept in the house or car to freshen up rooms and add a pleasant smell that lasts.

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