K9 Dematter Spray


K9 Dematter Spray

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DEMATTER SPRAY is a instant conditioner spray with magic anti-static, detangling and moisturizing power.

It makes all types of hair and coats easy to brush with an amazing shine. Prevents tangles and wear with long lasting result. Perfect for all breeds. It adds that show-winning finish to the coat you want for grooming and show.


  • Spray on dry or wet coat to facilitate and protect
    when brushing.
  • Spray directly on knots and massage when detangling.

Contents: Aqua, certified aloe vera, wheat germanidopropyl lactate, wheat protein, steramidopropyl lactate, dimeticone-pareth-23-pareth-3, D-panthenol, nanoliposomes, fragrance/parfym, preservative/konserveringsmedel.

250 ml / 8,45 fl oz
2,7 L / 91,3 fl oz

pH 4,5

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